Empathy Development

The origin of the word 'empathy' is from the Greek words, 'em' (in) and 'pathos' (feeling). It translates in the field as to be in another's feeling. When we are 'in' another's feeling we are merely seeking to understand the other's experience, but not become it. The 'becoming' is what is defined by 'Sympathy'. 

Sympathy is also originates from the Greek words, 'sun' (with) and 'pathos' (feeling. It is when we are swept away with another's feeling, we become 'with' it and have lost grounding and perspective of our own state. 


Empathy Development can be delivered to front line service providers as well as individuals in management and coordination. To learn to truly empathize is to gain a measure of self-awareness in what our triggers are, what do we resonate with vicariously, and how do we react in moments of vicariously connecting with another's situation.