A Body of Work

I feel very privileged to have such an extended tenure within a field of service as holistic and fulfilling as Hospice Palliative Care. It has become my life's work, through humble beginnings as an In-Home Hospice Volunteer at 19 years of age, to serving the homeless and vulnerably housed living with a life-limiting illness. Below is a synopsis of the organizations I have had the honour with which to serve, and the capacities within which I served. 


In chronological order:  

Hospice of Peel/Heart House Hospice - In-Home Hospice Volunteer

Special Events Coordinator - Hospice of Peel/Heart House Hospice

June Callwood Circle of Outstanding Volunteers - 2005

Mississauga Civic Award of Recognition - 2005

Residential Volunteer Coordinator - Hospice Simcoe

Coordinator of Recruitment and Training - Heart House Hospice/The Dorothy Ley Hospice/Acclaim Health

Director of Community and Volunteer Services - The Dorothy Ley Hospice

Outreach Coordinator - The Healing Cycle

Guest Speaker - University of Toronto, School of Music, Palliative Care

Consultant, Hospice Volunteer Training - Carpenter Hospice

Consultant, Hospice Volunteer Training - Bethell Hospice

Consultant, Hospice Volunteer Training - Ian Anderson House

Bereavement Peer Support Volunteer Trainer - Acclaim Health

Accreditation Peer Reviewer - Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

Online Hospice Volunteer Training Development - Hospice Palliative Care Ontario

Consultant, PCU/Hospice Staff Development - Trinidad and Tobago Palliative Care Society: Caura, Trinidad

Director of Community and Volunteer Services - Hospice Wellington

Consultant, Hospice Staff and Volunteer Education - St. Joseph's Hospice Sarnia Lambton

Consultant, Staff Education and Team Building - Margaret Bahen Hospice

Consultant, Erie St. Claire LHIN - Volunteer Coordinator Education

PalCare Instructor - BetterLiving Health and Community Services

Manager, Volunteer Services Hospice Residence for the Homeless - Hospice Toronto, Journey Home Hospice