Hospice Palliative Care

The privilege to serve an extended tenure within Hospice Palliative Care has afforded me the wonderful opportunity of learning and teaching this wonderful field of service.

Drawing on nearly thirty years of experience within the multitude of domains of this incredible field of service, training is designed and provided to be relevant to clinicians, volunteers, Board, leadership, and program directors, with the intention to expand the knowledge base of the principles and practices of Hospice Palliative Care.

Topics Include:

  • The philosophy of Hospice Palliative Care
  • The different between ‘Palliative Care’ and ‘Hospice’
  • Foundational principles of Hospice Palliative Care
  • History of ‘Hospice’
  • Boundaries, from personal to professional  
  • The Volunteer role in Hospice
  • Communication at end-of-life
  • Pain and symptom comfort measures
  • Signs and symptoms of imminent death
  • Practical care skills
  • Emotional, psychological and psychosocial elements of dying
  • Effects of illness on the individual, family and support persons
  • Fears and hopes within the journey of a life-limiting illness
  • Cultural humility and dying
  • Spirituality, religion and living with a life-limiting illness
  • Grief, bereavement and loss
  • Self-care and complementary therapies
  • Ethical, financial and legal aspects of end-of-life