The Weave of Community

Organizations can be defined as communities onto their own. Within each community are members with roles responsibilities that intersect with intradisciplinary colleagues in the line service tasked by the organization. Undoubtedly dynamics among members of a community can create discord and friction that often times loses sight of the higher mission and vision that leads an organization. 

Creation of the weave 


The weave is an experiential journey facilitated to garner a personal awareness of each team members role within an organization. Team members have an opportunity to speak their truth especially with respect to the vital role they play within the organization. The team performs a ritual that serves to personalize each members contribution to the work while demonstrating alignment to the mission and vision of the organization. The practice exercised also demonstrates the codependent and 'trans-disciplinary' nature of the social sector, in working as a community, for the community. 

Team building

This session helps build teams and offers an engaging exercise within which to align with the mission and vision of the orgnization. 

Individual acknowledgement

Concurrently, as team members engage in the team building exercise, opportunity for self-expression within a safe space is afforded in personalizing the work conducted at every level of operation.