The Entering

Mindfulness of one’s mental and emotional state when entering another’s space is imperative to fostering a safe engagement of care. Our personal state of wellbeing when in the field of service affects how another person receives and engages our ‘Entering’.  Harvesting the feeling of ‘The Entering’ involves such self-reflective inquiry as:

  • What subtle changes do we feel in our body or emotions upon crossing the ‘precipice’ into the another’s environment, for e.g. a client or a resident?
  • How congruent is our body language with our manner of speaking with a client?
  • How does the pace or speed with which we touch a client affect the impact of the therapeutic engagement?

In this workshop we look inward at our personal state of wellbeing and how it is influenced by our preconditioned, and oftentimes unconscious, biases. We learn how to develop a deeper awareness of our senses as they are utilized in the field.  We also learn to recognize how our personal state interfaces with the ‘density’ of an environment as we move into a client’s space. ‘Communication’ begins well before words are spoken. By learning how to ground, hold presence and become mindful, we can engage the sacredness of ‘The Entering’ into a client’s field of care with a more neutral, unconditional manner of being. In that way the care we provide becomes holistically congruent within our mind, body and emotions.