Lighthouse Children's Grief Awareness Symposium 2018

What an honour it was to give the plenary and three workshops at Lighthouse's Children's Grief Awareness Symposium! It was a tremendous event with close to 200 people in attendance which speaks to the growing awareness of the need to build a community of support for children and their families who are traveling the journey of grief. Lighthouse is a truly a leader in this realm of community service! 

Palliative Care Education in Trinidad!

Trinidadian people are among the kindest, most thoughtful people I have ever had the pleasure of teaching! It was an remarkable experience flying down to Port of Spain to train 22 volunteers and nurses for the new Palliative Day Program we've established in Caura. They were SO hungry for palliative education, and their depth of self-expression, their engagement in the learning, and their gratefulness for the opportunity to share in the journey of those living with a life-limiting illness was truly unique and inspiring. I feel incredibly grateful to have spent the time facilitating the learning, AND becoming an honourary member of the Palliative Care Society of Trinidad and Tobago! What dream trip, what very special people, what a beautiful country. Love to you, and enjoy the journey!


Palliative Care for the Homeless

It was an incredibly informative and inspiring symposium, learning and sharing with colleagues from across the province! This population is so marginalized and underserved for a multitude of reasons. I feel privileged to among such devoted professionals serving to change this issue. The stories of individuals served who have no home, no family were very impactful. To think that in our 'first world' people die as such. We are so rich and yet so poor in the same measure. We have to change our perceptions and biases of homelessness, our definitions of individual service, and our models of service delivery, to be more inclusive and in tune with our societies true needs. We are all a misstep away from homelessness. True compassion and empathy encompasses and leaves out no one.


Hospice Palliative Care Training at Ian Anderson House

It was both an honour and a privilege to teach once again at the storied house built my Mrs. Margaret Anderson. Last week I taught emotional and psychosocial aspects of end-of-life to volunteers, staff, nurses and PSWs. This week we delved into Cultural Humility and how we epitomize the usage of the 'teach me method' and becoming 'the student of the resident' to harvest insights in individual-centered care. To have such a diverse background of professions, in addition to personal experiences of death and loss, made the evenings extraordinary. 

Ian Anderson House is a VERY special place, with exceptional people serving within its hallowed walls.


Narrative Medicine in Palliative Care: Columbia University

It was an incredible weekend of learning the intricacies and nuances of narrative medicine as it applies to Palliative Care. The workshop drew people from all over the world, from an array of professional backgrounds and experiences. The sessions were exceptional in the demonstration and applicability of narrative practices in palliative care. Meeting such wonderful people, making new friends, and building a community of knowledge was only topped by meeting this incredible man, Dr. BJ Miller. Most likely the kindest soul I've ever had the honour of meeting. Looking forward to applying and sharing all I've learned! 


University of Toronto, School of Music

Any opportunity to speak about my life's work, Hospice Palliative Care, is always a privilege! This past week I was honoured to be invited back to Dr. Kevin Komisaruk's graduate music program that focuses on palliative care. Speaking to his exceptionally talented students was a thoroughly enjoyable engagement as we explored the intersection between musical performance and sitting at the bedside of the dying. Thank you Kevin for always a very stimulating and inspiring experience!