Organizational Wellness

The mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing of staff at all levels of operation are integral to the functional wellness of an organization. Utilizing topics from the Education and Training series, an individualized program can be developed and delivered to foster wellness and resiliency among front line staff and senior management.


Compassionate Leadership

Leadership and management are often not inclusive of empathic and compassionate engagement. This is especially true of social service organizations, where we don't treat our team members as we do our clients. Compassionate Leadership involves a cognitive, intentional effort to relate to our colleagues as equals, with attentiveness and as people first and foremost. In this program, we address aspects of learning to listen to our team members, recognizing their states of wellness (that are often hidden for fear of misunderstanding), creating a safe environment of non-blame, as well as more granular topics such as body language positioning, effective communication strategies, and intentionality. 


Death, Loss and Grief - The Staff Experience

In most organizations staff, and especially in leadership/management roles, are not equipped to support team members who are affected by death or loss. The experience for the individual who is living with a life-limiting illness, or how is grieving, can be isolating. Learning how to support staff travelling the journey of loss, death or illness is the focus of this program. Creating an environment where staff feel safe and supported to express, autonomously, aspects of their loss and grief is imperative for Organizational Wellness.



Culture - Intersection of Organization and Personal

Every organization contains within its fabric of operation an evolved sense of culture. Within various domains of an organization, microcultures can and are developed. Diluting down further, each and every individual staff member has a form of personal culture. A component of Organizational Wellness is in managing the intersection of the various forms of culture within an agency's framework. In this program, Education and Training topics are used to define personal culture within an organization, and support the healthy weaving of the individual with the organizational, to create an environment that is trans-disciplinary in nature.